First Time Ordering?

Not sure about what to order but feeling adventurous? We can help you by providing you with the most ordered dishes or drinks. Maybe you will also find your favorite Salvadorian dish or drink.


These are like tortillas but thicker and stuffed with either cheese, beans, pork, zucchini or jalapenos. They are accompanied with a side of tomato sauce and curtido. Three pupusas are usually enough for one person.


These are Salvadorian soups. Usually more than enough for one person. The most popular soup is 'Hen Soup.' It is served with 1/4 grilled hen, rice, salad and two tortillas.


This is a refreshing cold drink. It is made out of powdered rice, mixed with milk, a touch of cinnamon, vanilla and morro.

Warning: Morro seed is a nut. Please tell your waitress if you or anyone in your party has any allergies.


You can choose from a variety of Salvadorian breakfasts. The most popular plate is 'Don Salvador.' It includes scramble eggs, avocado, sour cream, plantain, Salvadorian cheese and two tortillas.

Grilled Steaks

This is a flavorful grilled steak served with rice, beans, salad and two tortillas.

Atol de Elote

Corn atole. This is a thick and sweat, hot drink, made out of milk and corn. We find it difficult to describe without making a comparison. Think of this drink as our version of eggnog.