What is a Pupusa?

Pupusas are a traditional food from our country. They are thick corn or rice tortillas filled with pork, cheese, beans, zucchini, loroco or jalapeño. Check our menu to see our different combinations. Three pupusas are usually enough for an adult.

What is revuelta?

Revuelta is just one of the various kinds of pupusas we serve. It is a combination of pork and cheese.

What is a mixta?

Another kind of our various pupusas. It is a combination of pork, beans and cheese.

How many pupusas does the order have?

Pupusas are served individually. Three pupusas are usually enough for an adult.

Is the food already made?

No. We cook all of our food from scratch and to order. We apologize in advance if we take too long but this is the reason. We usually serve our food within 35 minutes. However, if it is a delivery, it may take up to 55 minutes for your food to get there.

Do you have free refills?

Unfortunately, we do not have free refills.

What is Loroco?

Loroco is a vine with edible flowers. We use these flowers to flavor our food. Loroco tastes like a cross between broccoli and squash.

Do you serve vegetarian food?

We do, however, we do not specialize on vegetarian food. Therefore, we have very limited options. Amongst these options you can choose from refried beans, beans pupusas, rice, tortillas and/or fresh salad.

What is curtido?

Curtido is basically pickled cabbage. It is a side for your pupusas. It has a touch of jalapeños but it is not spicy.

Do you have medium sized beverages?

Unfortunately, we do not. We only serve small or large sized beverages.

Is there free wifi?

Yes, there is. Please ask your attendant for the password.